Ideally situated apartments for rent very near Amsterdam
Toplocations has luxurious accommodations for you to rent in Zandvoort, Amstelveen and Aerdenhout. All our Toplocations are spacious, comfortable and proper. We garantee a convenient and attractive accommodation during your stay in Holland.

Because Amsterdam, Schiphol, Haarlem en Den Haag are close, they are the ideal base if you're an expat working for one of the companies in or near these cities.

Apartment near the very heart of Amsterdam

Zandvoort, Amstelveen and Aerdenhout all give you the unique opportunity to get to know Amsterdam thoroughly. Visit the Rijksmuseum and take a personal look at Rembrand's Nightwatch or the beautiful paintings by Van Gogh. Walk along the canals and visit the Anne Frank house. Enjoy the shows in the many theatres. See the tulips bloom. You'll always find something new to see or do in Amsterdam!

Van GoghAdmire the Van Gogh paintingsMilkmaid by Van RijnNachtwacht at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam
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