Where do you find these attractive apartments?
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Near Amsterdam,
The Hague and Utrecht

In the Netherlands In the centre of Europe

Aerdenhout is a pleasant village very close to Haarlem. It has 4.500 inhabitants and is surrounded by a woody countryside and the dunes. This region is known for its many stately houses. In springtime you can experience a impressive color spectacle due to the fields full of flowerbulbs in this area.

Aerdenhout offers a peacefull and spacious resourt, but will also meet your daily needs. Several shops, schools, sporting facilities, restaurants etc. are close at hand in Aerdenhout and in nearby Haarlem.

From Aerdenhout it will take you only 15 minutes by train to reach the heart of Amsterdam. Schiphol Airport is only 12 km away. And because it's only 5 km, on a sunny day you can even bike to the beach of Zandvoort.

More information about Aerdenhout? Have a look at www.aerdenhout.nl! (only in dutch).

Zandvoort is a lively small town by the North Sea, near the very heart of Amsterdam (only 25 km). This seaside resort has got many delightful restaurants, pubs and swinging discothèques for every taste and age. Because of this, Zandvoort is the main beach for the people living in Amsterdam, the capital of Holland. Besides them, there are numerous foreign visitors to complete the international ambience of Zandvoort.

Just like them you'll experience the warm hospitality of Zandvoort and feel quickly at home. Zandvoort also offers you the perfect place to relax, because the beach, the dunes and the dynamic heart of Zandvoort are always close at hand.
Imagine you strolling or jogging across the beach or the dunes after a day's work. Feeling the refreshing North Sea breeze through your hair. A quick hot bath in your comfortable apartment and you are ready to hit the vivid centre of Zandvoort.

Zandvoort is a modern seaside resort with 10.000 inhabitants. There is a shopping center, several primary and other schools (in Haarlem nearby there's an International Business School with students from all over the world, a number of those living at 200 m from the Toplocations apartment), a train station, sports centre, swimming pool, cinema, Casino, nudist beach at 2 km, the famous Zandvoort Racing Circuit, an 18 holes golfcourse, a hippic centre and several pubs, restaurants and discotècs. Amsterdam is only 25 km away (by train it takes 30 min).

More information about Zandvoort? Have a look at www.zandvoort-info.nl!

Amstelveen is a pleasant city along side a small river the Amstel. It has 77.000 inhabitants and is one of the greenest Amsterdam suburbs (the well-know Amsterdam Forest is only 1 km from your apartment).

Amstelveen has all the facilities of a modern and lively city. There are numerous shops, several schools (including an international school, american students 25%), sporting facilities, pubs and restaurants. It has a modern city centre within easy reach and also a weekly market.

From Amstelveen the heart of Amsterdam can by easily reached by train. The distance to Schiphol Airport is 10 km. Also close at hand are the University, University Hospital, all the great banking headquarters and many national and international companies.

More information about Amstelveen? Have a look at www.amstelveen.nl! (in dutch).